About Us

Gwyneth Blackwell
Certified Senior Advisor
M.S. in Gerontology

My passion is working with our elders.

Gwyneth Blackwell, M.S. , CSA, has over 20 years of experience in working with seniors and the disabled poplulation in all facets of long term care.  Earning a Master’s Degree in Gerontology, with a minor in Thanotology and Bereavment Counseling, and becoming a Certified Senior Advisor,  she has worked with hundreds of families in assisting them with living placement options, Medicaid, HMO

dis-enrollment, Health Care Proxy designation, relocating, counseling,  Hoarding Disorder, Hospice referral, navigating the hospital-nursing home-return home map. 

"In my own personal experience, when I had just given birth to twins in 2002 and resumed my full-time employment, I didn’t recognize the signs in my own mother.  


She was steadily declinging both medically and congitively.  Even though I was doing eldercare assistance as a living, I was blind to my mother’s strikingly deteroritive condition-and the fact that she required 24/7 care. 

When one is too close to the situation, the large macro situation can be entirely missed. 


Whether by denial, or by not realizing a decline has begun, since people with dementia in the early, and to an extent middle stages can hide their cognitive deficits-- dangerous indications can be missed. Cases may involve a spouse who hides from extended family members that his/her partner is declining for fear they will remove them from the home. 


Money can be an issue also.  People who are widowed and have kept their financial situation from the children for fear of being “placed in a home”, frequently have not prepared themselves or their families for a crisis that may be financially devastating. 

A certified, qualified, compassionate, and objective Geriatric Care Manager comes into such situations and can figuratively “throw families and clients a life preserver”. 


We know the services available, we know how the system works, we work with highly savvy eldercare attorney’s, physicians and financial planners, along with other allied healthcare professionals who can make people’s lives better, healthier and increasingly less worrisome for all parties involved.       

At Gwyneth Blackwell Senior Care Resources, Inc. our mission is to provide assesment, planning, advocating, support and having the best  possible outcome for all our clients.  Having 24/7 access to our practice, you can rest assured your loved one is receiving the dedication they deserve."