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Assisted Living Placement

  • We offer a free service for clients and their families seeking assisted living placement.  Before going on an internet-based website, where all they require is your contact information, call us. We will meet with your loved one and your family face-to-face to see what the situation really is.  We want you to find the right place, the first time.  


  • We meet with a client and their family to assess the situation, the level of care needed, and the client's level of cognition to determine the most appropriate community. 


  • We work with our clients to ensure that all of our recommendations meet appropriate care and budgetary considerations. 


  • Through years of experience, we are able to navigate and negotiate through the myriad of assisted living communities.


  • We walk you through every step of the way.

What is an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted Living Facilities are typically more appropriate for clients who can still maintain a degree of independence.


They generally provide separate private living quarters -- often quite luxurious -- but also provide non-acute care and can keep a watchful eye out for their residents.


How do I know if this is right for my situation?

Deciding the next move for your elder loved one is never an easy decision.


It's hard enough convincing them that they need help, let alone finding the appropriate course of treatment, so why don't you let us do that for you?

  • We come to your home to meet with you and your family.

  • We perform a detailed Geriatric Care Assessment to identify the client's current living conditions.

  • We work with the client and their family to find a facility, if necessary, that both meets their needs and fits within their budget.

We will meet with a family and their loved one, determine if Assisted Living is appropriate, and recommend suitable facilities.


Not all Assisted Living facilities are the same -- for example, some are focused on earlier stages of dementia or Alzheimer's, while others are best for more severe cases.


Matching the patient with the right facility is key in selecting the best care options.


We will not only advise you on the best places for your loved one, we will also take you on tours of each facility, and help you negotiate the best price.


We do this at no cost to the families themselves -- we are compensated by the facilities. 

Will Medicare pay for Assisted Living expenses?

Unfortunately, no. Medicare will pay for certain Skilled Nursing Home and Home Care expenses, but it will not pay for Assisted Living. 


Does Medicaid pay for Assisted Living?


Yes, it can, but the provisions are complicated. It is not possible to quickly move assets out of a loved one's name so they will then qualify for Medicaid. There is a "look back" period and the assets need to be at a certain threshold.

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