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  • Gwyneth Blackwell

The Coronavirus-you own a small local business and your customers had all but disappeared.

It's happening now as we speak. Restaurants are either closing and laying off workers or they are only offering take out. Dry cleaners have no customers because their customers are furloughed and don't require your service. Beauty salons, Barber shops, Deli's have all been hit hard by this outbreak, and if predictions are correct, it's going to get much worse. Question: How do they survive?

Our high school seniors have jobs that have been put on hold because no one is really going to Dunkin Dounuts except for drive up window, McDonald's has closed most of in-house dining, and only opening drive through. Our local bank is encouraging only using the drive up window or ATM. Human contact is mostly discouraged. We are in for something we have never truly faced before.

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