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How to choose the right Assisted Living Community

There are new assisted living communities cropping up everywhere! That's a good thing, since our population is rapidly aging. Choosing the right one can be most difficult and confusing.

As sales professionals in these communities, they are trained to sell apartments and get "move ins". Most sales professionals want to do the right thing by potential residents, but their job is to sell. When families go on the internet to seek out communities, they often encounter Search Engines that request information. When the consumer enters the information, the consumer is then often inundated with calls from all the assisted living communities who receive the referral. Often these communities are not the best fit since the Search Engines don't require any health conditions, cognitive status or budgetary constraints the potential resident has or needs.

That's why at Gwyneth Blackwell Senior Care Resources, Inc, I have carefully screened, visited and know all the features these communities have. I then meet with the potential resident and their families to actually see for myself tall the conditions. By doing this, which has NO cost to the client, I can make the best recommendations that can meet the current, and most importantly, the future needs. To have to move a resident because their physical or mental status has declined is very upsetting to the resident and very costly. To avoid this situation, please call me, and I can walk anyone through this process.

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