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  • Gwyneth Blackwell and Kathleen Riordan

Managing your loved ones stay in a nursing home

Your mother ends up in the hospital after a fall. She fractures her hip, and is told by the hospital she needs short term rehab. You are given a list of 5 nursing homes, AKA Rehab centers and are told to pick at least 3 because she's ready for discharge after 3 days. She hasn't gotten out of bed since her surgery and has become confused and possibly agitated. You work full time, and have to try to visit these homes and get an answer. You pick one after touring, it looked nice and clean and the admissions staff were friendly. You tell the hospital to send her! She arrives and has lain in the bed for the better part of the day. You come by after work, and try to find someone to speak to about your mother. No one from the day shift is there and since it's the second shift of the day, no one knows what her care plan is. You reassure her and leave your name at the nursing station. You are scared and full of guilt for leaving her there. You visit the next day, and no one seems to know what the plan is. You start questioning the nursing and certified nursing assistants about why she was left in a dirty diaper and no one answered the call bell. You are told "we have many other residents we are caring for, we will get to her". You don't want to make a stink because you are afraid of retaliation. You call the social worker, she doesn't call you back. All that you hear is "we are understaffed". Does this sound familiar?

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