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  • Kathleen Riordan

Making sure we are safe

We are a geriatric care practice and come across many situations that would not cross anyone's minds until faced with it. Just a few things to consider when a loved one is of an elder age and may not be focused on these simple, yet life saving things.

1. Smoke/carbon detectors- be sure they are working, new batteries, the usual although often overlooked. Locations of detectors, etc.

2. Recently, we had a cold spell and when I went to my client's home after not being able to reach them, they had lost power, the generator had not been conditioned for the season and I found them both in bed keeping warm. Immediately i made certain that the oil tank was filled, the generator was serviced and ready for them. This oversight can be a matter of safety vs. danger.

3. Thermostats- As our parents, family, loved ones, etc age they become less aware of the temperature of the room and are focused on the thermostat. As a conciensious generation of cost awareness, the room their thermostat is set at, whether warm or not, is what they go with. In the age of technology, a simple thermostat that is monitored remotely via smart phone can make all the differnce in the world of elder care. We don't not give them heat, we make certain they have heat and that any issues are alerted to us.

These are a few of the simple things we can do to make our elders safe.

Happy Holidays!

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