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Gwyneth Blackwell Senior Care Resources, Inc.

Guiding Families Since 1998

I am a Geriatric Care Manager and Assisted Living Placement specialist. 

 Our mission is to guide  clients and their families through the maze of senior care issues and to provide healthy and happy life solutions.

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Geriatric Care Manager is a senior care professional, typically with a Gerontology, Nursing, or Social Work background.


As practitioners, we deliver a client-centered approach to caring for older adults or others with ongoing care challenges.


We work with elders and their families on all issues relating to the aging or care delivery process and all the uncertainties they may pose.

When to turn to us for guidance:
  • Your aging loved one is becoming more forgetful, or has been diagnosed with a form of dementia.

  • You live far away from your parents, are working full time or have your own children and cannot easily be there to meet the daily needs of your aging loved ones.

  • Assisted Living is required, but you don't know how to find the right facility for the specific needs of your loved one.

  • You or someone you know has Hoarding Disorder and are facing eviction or have been taken out of the home.

  • An elderly couple wants to stay together, but one of the spouse's care needs can't be met at home.

  • Your elderly loved one can no longer manage their medication, but there are no family members around to administer the right doses every day.

We can be your eyes and ears and provide a shoulder to lean on.
Where we practice

Our practice serves Cape Cod and Plymouth County for Geriatric Care Management. We also help families with Assisted Living Placement and counseling throughout the entire U.S. We also maintain close ties and offer services to residents in Westchester County NY,   the Hudson Valley and Fairfield County, CT. 


Our team meets with our clients' physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing homes, assisted living communities, elder care attorneys, financial planners, home care agencies, and other resources to ensure the best possible care for your loved one.

Gwyneth Blackwell

- Masters in Gerontology with a minor in Thanatology and

-Bereavement Counseling

- Certified Senior Advisor

- Over 20 years of experience in working with the elderly population in all facets of long term care.


Gwyn has worked with hundreds of families in assisting them with living placement options, Medicaid, HMO dis-enrollment, Health Care Proxy's, Relocating, Counseling,  Hoarding Disorder, Hospice Referral, navigating the hospital-nursing home-return home map.

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"Gwyn and her team are a Godsend. All of my siblings live in other states, far from our mother. 

Gwyn has been able to manage her care and communicate to us so we stay informed.

We don't know what we would have done without her assistance."

— Amy, Gwen, and Dan W.

Our Mission

We care for your family member as we care for our own. Our compassion, dedication and respect for our elders, plus our broad spectrum of knowledge and experience, makes us unique and define how we help our clients.

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